Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mt. Ommaney Bushland Reserve - trail

after living in the Centenary area for over 3 years, it seems only fitting as an avid outdoors person that i would know all of the trails in the area. wrong. sure i have hit the backstreet pavements of pretty much all the surrounding suburbs with my (ahem) city pram... but it's just not the same.  i decided to get proactive &get back to nature.

wanting to do more hikes in the greater outdoors with the newest member of our family, Scott & I have decided to invest in a baby carrier but are undecided on which product to buy as there are a few different styles on the market. thanks to a fellow outdoorsy friend & mum of one, i borrowed an Ergo carrier & set off looking for some bushland in the suburbs. the carrier was relatively easy to use & was little trouble getting Ebony in it, even in the back position, by myself. i started off with the pack  on my back with one arm through the strap. with Eb's on my hip i slipped her around to the back, like she was going for a piggy back ride & put my other arm through the strap, then tightened all the straps.

i googled how to put the pack on & a few other suggestions were "Lay the carrier on the bed put baby on it, with the shoulder straps loose. and then buckle the wait strap and lean back to pull up the shoulder straps pulling baby up slowly. I only do it that way, either from a bed or while sitting on the couch." - there are also a couple of youtube video's but i seem to get the hang of it pretty easy without watching them.

Eb's & i had full bellies from brekkie and set out from Middle Park around 9am while it was still relatively cool. after half an hr of walking & convincing Ebony to keep her hat on, i turned right onto Westlake drive from Tekapo St. then left onto Summit Place, and i arrived at the start of my very first local trail, with Ebony-Rose in tow. Mt Ommaney Bushland Reserve, trail

by this time Ebony had started getting tired & couldn't get comfortable enough to have a nap. as this style of baby carrier doesn't have any provisions for toddlers to rest their head & sleep, Eb's started getting ratty. but i had just got here!?

i decided to walk to the river, point out a few birds & the Brisbane river to Eb's & then flip her around to the front carrying position so i could enjoy the serenity while she slept.

a bench along the bank of the river came in handy to rehydrate & flip miss Eb's around.

with Ebony now fast asleep snuggled into my chest, i could take in the beautiful surrounds & listen to the birds. aaaaaggghhhh back to nature!

overall a lovely morning! quite an easy track to meander through & some simple facilities @ the start to fill up your water bottle or relieve your bladder at the end.

although a lovely, comfortable pouch. the ergo baby carrier is probably not suited to our needs, seeing as Ebony could not comfortably fall asleep in it in the back position, & carrying her in the front position was not as comfortable for me to walk in.

what's your favourite baby hiking back pack?

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