Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Gregory park - Rosalie/Milton

enjoy it for free
age groups:
something for all ages

Corner of Haig Rd & Baroona Rd

gas BBQs

toilet blocks

several sheltered picnic tables

wheelchair access

shade rating:
the playground area is covered with lots of shade, provided by trees and large shadecloths sails. gorgeous native fig trees provide both shade & gorgeous backdrops to the parks perimeter.

playground features:
junior maze

climbing web

labyrinth of monkey bar variations

simple rock climbing mountain with slides

big playing fields

basketball court

cricket pitches
green spaces

there are no cafes located directly in the park, however, a three minute walk from the coloured pencil fence on Baroona Road will lead you to the beautiful village of Rosalie and all the fabulous gourmet delights it has to offer!

extra info:
Gregory Park itself was originally a wetland known as Red Jacket Swamp Reserve until named after the area’s renowned explorer and the city’s first surveyor general Sir Augustus Charles Gregory who, when he wasn’t off searching for Ludwig Leichardt history of Gregory Park lived over the nearby hill.

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