Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ebony's 1st birthday

i couldn't start a blog without first sharing some pic's of my sweet girl's 1st birthday party. yes we all know a 1 year old isn't going to remember, or even mind how he/she celebrates their day, but scott & i made it, & we wanted to shout it from the rooftops! or blow up a few balloons & eat some cake even...  that magical milestone (phew she's still in one piece) ... our baby is now a toddler!? but before i get ahead of myself, let me share in some photo's from OUR day.

the birthday girl & her nanna

being a lover of all things outdoors, and lucky enough to be born in spring, it was only fitting that we have an outdoor birthday party for Ebony. but what to do with that iconic, yet terribly ugly hills hoist?

throw in some homemade felt party hats,

some bubbles,

a game or two,

a cake,

and you have yourself a party! Happy 1st Birthday Ebony-Rose

 photo's courtesy of the beautiful ivygoddess thanks for helping out on the day & making Ebony's day special x


  1. oooohhh lovely, must get me one of these blog pages!!!

    Looks like she had a lovely day, pity I missed it but the photos are great! X

    1. It was lovely! you'll have to make it to her 2nd birthday :o)

  2. And she's walking??!!!! I love that last photo X