Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Robelle Domain - Springfield Lakes

Always on the look out for new & exciting ways to stimulate my toddlers mind, (and tire her of her seemingly endless supply of energy,) we checked out Springfield Lakes - Robelle Domain, water park. At first I thought we were in the wrong location as all I could see was an abundance of car parks but no park... As soon as we walked over the small hill however, the park & cafe came into view (thank goodness, as Ebony was starting to get ratty & wanted to stretch her legs!) A little oasis, in an otherwise unattractive surrounding. It would seem the whole area is under development, a  somewhat different picture to what the website paints. The Arena for example, is in it's 1st stages of being a dust pile rather than the lush green images seen on the site? Surrounds aside, Ebony & I had a fabulous time at the water park! Although quite a small park, Ebony didn't tire from running in & out, & paddling underneath the water jet sprays, all morning. when I thought she had had enough, she ran over to the park & played on all of the playground equipment! Overall a solid morning of entertainment, we will be going back.
FYI we have since been pack to the water park & it has changed dramatically! It now looks like the green oasis painted on the website. Enjoy!

Enjoy it for free
Age groups:
something for all ages - Toddlers will go wild in the water park over summer!

Robelle Domain
145 Sinnathamby Boulevard
QLD 4300

undercover area
wheelchair access

Shade rating:
Playground area is shaded, the water park area is uncovered

Playground features:
children’s water park including 700 litre tipping bucket and jet sprays
bike way/walkway

Robelle Cafe open 7 days

Extra info:
The recently opened Robelle Domain is Queensland's newest park lands. The 24ha Robelle Domain is the core of the Springfield Central Park lands, a central open space corridor that connects the community of Greater Springfield and provides more than 11 kilometres of boardwalks, walking and cycle tracks, sports fields and playgrounds

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