Saturday, 20 October 2012

inspiration for Ebony's big girls' room

we are at that stage where we are starting to think about moving Ebony into a 'big girls bed'. so true to form i have been busy googling & gathering some inspiration for her bedroom.

i just loooove these ideas!


i love the scalloped paint job on the wall & choice of colours!! weekdaycarnival

the colours!!

to hide some of Ebony's toys in? rudyandthedodo

a little corner. happinessiseva

books, books & more books. Ebony has so many, i love that she would be able to reach them in this set up. happinessiseva

OOooohhhh yes please, bright yellow drawers! taza-and-husband

the bed! gapinteriors

more colours.. adorapet

a touch of magic.. oneclaireday

wow... familyliving

the tree bookshelf x motherbabyearth

this has made my day!

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