Friday, 15 March 2013

Simpsons Park - Graceville

This little gem is different to any other park I have visited in the area. Lovely and peaceful for the parents to enjoy. You can sit on one of the many benches provided, taking in the beautiful Brissy river, while the little ones go on a wild adventure, fighting pirates (or saving the whales - aka the Sea Shepherd), in the deep sea.

Enjoy it for free
Age groups:
A park for the more mobile toddler. Lots of climbing & balancing to be had by pre-school & primary aged kids.

You will find Simpson's Park towards the end of Graceville Avenue,
Graceville, Brisbane.

Public toilets (a short walk away)
Wood-fired barbecues
undercover area for picnic tables
wheelchair access

Shade rating:
Playground area is shaded

Playground features:
Bike way/walkway
Large ship structure well equipped with;
- a steering wheel, ready for your little one to take the helm!
- a spyglass telescope, to watch out for pirates (although they will need to be a lot taller than my toddler to reach it)
- a life boat, in the event little imaginations require an emergency evacuation, off their ship (or as my toddler found it, a very useful bucket for all the chipboard flooring she decided to fill it with...)
- lots of stairs & climbing frames
- tandem slides (great for racing, as we soon discovered with a friend, Ebony met that day)


no cafes. bring a picnic & or use the BBQ facilities

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