Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Ebony's room

when first learning i was pregnant with our bambino no. 1, Scott & i were excited & super keen to find out the sex so we could plan ahead for the arrival. Ebony had other ideas... at her 20 week scan she had her back to the scanner &  her 30 week scan she was crossing her legs.

 we read into these minor set backs as a sign from the universe, telling us that we should wait for the 'grand' delivery to find out the sex of our child. in the end this was what we did.  this meant it was going to be neutral colours all the way for the nursery. i'm so happy it worked out this way. we picked up & were given some beautiful (non-gender) items/gifts along the way & stumbled upon a green & cream theme thanks to a beautiful lampshade sent from my sister in London.

not alot of planning was involved in the design (if i can use that word so loosely) of Ebony-Rose's room, it just got thrown together. being a super small room i kept it simple & uncluttered.
1st night home from the hospital in her cot.

we picked up a second hand set of drawers & cot for an absolute bargain!? i sanded both back,  along with an old lampshade stand we had, & stained them all the same colour to match.


her very own wooden tea set was a gift for her 1st birthday.

 i cleaned up this old plastic trolley found on the side of the road, Ebony loves it!




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