Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cliffhanger 2009 - White Cliffs part 2

the creek was a great spectator event with the water & mud being a crowd pleaser. although i don't envy Brent in this stage having to trudge through that mud...

nothing like an old fashioned race to get the adrenaline going. watch Greg 'nudge' the other competitors out of the way, go Team Madica!

a wonderful day followed by some more amazing sunsets

the girls playing with some glow sticks in the evening.

the grand finale CLIFFHANGER DAY! I don’t think you can appreciate the Cliffhanger without seeing it, a 4m vertical face a slot barely wide enough to fit the car to get up. the local boys (outback lads) making their way without a working winch, on yer lads! and our boys, drew the highest part of the wall yet still did it with ease, very impressive!! CV’s, winches, ground anchors and winch ropes were all in use showing us how hard these guys were pushing to try and win this stage.

wonderful photo's from digital outback & hole shot images captured just how vertical the boys got!

Greg throwing his girls a big kiss hole shot images

What a massive week & a brilliant time had by all! Oh yes and the WINNER WAS....


deservedly the boys were a strong team yet again & won the event! well done.

 memories to last a lifetime... thanks for the ride, what an adventure.

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